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FS: Four Pi Speaker Components/Complete Speakers - $850


2006-06-14 12:52 pm
FS: Four Pi - SOLD!!

**SOLD** This is a pair of Four Pi speakers that I built about a year ago. Woofers are JBL 2226H. Pi Waveguides. Tweeters are B&C DE250. Crossovers are comprised of Erse inductors, Mills resistors and a combination of Obbigato and Sonicap capacitors. Driver wire is Dueland 16ga and binding posts are Cardas CPBP. The veneer is reconstituted zebrawood. Stands in pictures come with speakers.

I purchased the woofers used. Everything else was purchased new. One of the woofer dust caps had a small dent, which I pulled out.

I will sell all the components(less the cabinets and stands) as a complete set, and you can build your own cabinets.

Complete speakers are for pickup only in Emerald isle, NC. Component set will ship only to cont US. Let me know if I can answer any questions.


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