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FS: F5 pair of boards

I have a pair of F5 boards that I bought from the diyAudio Store and have no use of them anymore.
Price is $16 ( shipping included for UScon).
There are brand new.
I don't have any other parts for the F5.


  • F5 boards.JPG
    F5 boards.JPG
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Being a bit bored, I populated the boards ( not tested). All there except for the 4.7k Thermistors that I provide separately. I also have a very nice capacitor bank of
12 x 10,000uF 35V Nichicon KG Gold Tune.
I will sell them together or separately.
Together, the price is $125. If bought together, I will throw in two pairs of 240/9240
Sold separately:
---F5 populated boards at $75
---Capacitor bank at $60



  • F5 PCB assembled.JPG
    F5 PCB assembled.JPG
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  • F5 pcb assey plus capacitor bank.JPG
    F5 pcb assey plus capacitor bank.JPG
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