FS: F5 Heatsinks

Hi Guys...

I had a customer come into my warehouse and saw a 17" X 12 3/4"
Heatsink I had in stock and asked if I knew a machine shop to cut
it down. I did and he was happy with the results so I'm offering
these to you....

At this time I have 4 pairs available with 4 more that can be cut up.

They measure 12 3/4" Length X 8 1/2" Width X 2 11/16" Tall
Has 47 fins and they weigh 12 1/2lbs each
Do not know heat dissipation.

One side has a 5 1/2"X5 3/4" Indentation which I had aluminum
plates made to make the heatsink flush so as to mount the
PC board (included in the price)

Price will be $100.00 for the pair plus shipping

Anyone interested please email me and I'll send you pictures
my pictures are to large to post here.
[email protected]

Steve @ Apex Jr.
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You can compress pics to fit -well someone you know maybe? ;)

I'll send you my e-mail to get some pics to be sure though.

What would the price be for an uncut, un modified big sink?

When discussing such big and massive items, the most important thing is often if it can be put in a flat rate box. Can the uncut sink fit in a "medium" box? I'll check around here, as I might have one to measure.



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