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FS ESP P101 Amp


Paid Member
2005-01-09 2:32 am
I have a completed and working P-101 amp for consideration. Built exactly to spec, but with a lower voltage transformer to experiment into class A.

Anyway, I can replace the transformer to the spec'ed 40VAC to get the 350 wpc class AB as initially designed if requested.

Also considering selling just amp board and/or power supply without chassis (chassis alone cost me $190 from Italy - hifi2000 Dissipante 4U model)

A fine amp and recently upstaged by my new Krell Clone.

Pic to follow later


2001-09-24 11:12 am
John thanks for your mail. I think I will try and fix the channel, seems a waste to just pop in a new pair of boards. Im pre plug and play culture:)
I suspect that although my mosfets seem to test ok, they are the problem, it really cant be anything else cos Ive checked it so thoroughly. Wish me luck, BTW I bought my mosfets from diytech, nice service.