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FS: Emerald Physics CS-3 with Behringer EQ+DSP, Exc Condition, MA/NH Local

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I am selling a pair of Emerald Physics CS3 speakers. I just don't have the space to do these works of art justice. The CS3 is critically acclaimed for its transparency and ability to simulate as "live" a performance as possible from two point source speakers.

A lot of this is accomplished through a custom programmed Behringer DSP that tailors the frequency response, time delay, and other magical settings to closely match room dynamics.

Speakers should be placed at least 2 feet from any wall.

Bass response is STRONG to about 50 Hz then rolls off smoothly below that.
The EQ is configurable for stereo subwoofer outputs. Also, depending on the pre you are using, you may want to play with the output gains to keep the meters out of the red. The presets all have a +5 dB gain at the input and the output. I found the dropping the output gain to +3dB made the DSP behave a little better. YMMV.

If you want to just MELT and listen to music (after setting up the DSP and trusting in its technical prowess) these are the speakers for you.

Note, these are one of the last *original* Emerald Physics speakers developed but the original designer, Clayton Shaw, before Walter Liederman bought the company changed the design and components used.

These speakers retailed for $3500 with the optional Mahogany finish.

These are 9/10 condition. I have the plastic covers, spikes, DSP, box and manual for the DSP and the packaging for the Selenium tweeters, but I do not have the boxes/crates for the speakers themselves.

Offering them for sale for $1000. For a limited time, since I am on the fence on selling them to begin with just due to the rarity. I have been storing them for too long, however....

Demos can be arranged.

For your reading enjoyment:
StereoTimes --

These are a lot of fun and in excellent condition.
I have the floor spikes too.

Offers welcome.





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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.