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FS: DX Blame MKII amplifier set + power supply + heatsinks

Build on beautifull Rudi red pcb boards, with best components available: Panasonic FC capacitors for power supply bypass, Elna Cerafine caps for feedback and other applications, Mundorf Mcap as input cap, mica caps, Wima MKP caps for decoupling, Mills power resistors and for desert - transistors are mounted on black eloxated 40X40 5mm thick L profile with allready pre-drilled holes.

The circuit is tested, bias is 50 mA, offset is 0.00mV and 0.12mV...


The price for set is 150 EUR + post costs.

You can contact me on: [email protected]
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You can also get audiophile quality power supply with dual rectifier diodes per channel (BYV32-200) - reason is to galvanic separate transformer ground from amp ground, 4 x 4700uF/63V BC components 056 series capacitors, CRC circuit and snubber circuit on input.

Price is 30 EUR + post cost for two (dual mono).

I can offer you also two Fischer elektronik heatsinks with dimensions: 160 x 50 x 75 mm. They are more than enough for one DX Blame channel. You only have to drill holes into it.

Price for two is 20 EUR + post costs.

I can offer you also a pair of vey high quality speaker conectors from Connex. They accept anything and I can be mount together or separated.

Price is 15 EUR for set (2).

My location is Europe. You can contact me on: [email protected]