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FS: Dual TO-99 OPA627SM on DIP-8 Adapter PCB

For sale Dual TO-99 OPA627SM on DIP-8 Adapter PCB - 1 pcs - SOLD!
$65 + registered mail shipping $5 + paypal fees. - SOLD!

Burr Brown OPA627SM - Military grade opamp in TO-99 metal package.
SM is the highest grade of OPA627 opamp series. Genuine of course.
I boght it from Auzentech site long ago for my Asus Essence STX sound card and later used in my Asus Essence One DAC (external sound card).
Even thouht this adapter was made very long ago Auzentech made it top quality.
Thick black matte ENIG PCB, golden pins and top end opamps.
This was made for the sound.

Photos attached.


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