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FS: DEQX Express DSP/DAC/XO/Preamp with calibration kit

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FS: DEQX Express
$old USD

I'm using a DEQX HDP-4 and this unit is sitting idle, so I am offering it up for sale. I am a total DEQX convert and I've owned 5 of their products, and will never be without DSP in my main system again. Once you've heard it done right there is no going back.

The pics are the actual unit for sale, along with the mic, software, and other cables. The unit is in really great shape. It replaces the crossovers in your speakers, your DAC, and your preamp. It also provides EQ and room correction.

From the DEQX website:

Provides DEQX Calibrated™ speaker correction for passive speakers
Audiophile grade analogue electronics

Frequency-response of speakers typically corrected from 6dB range to 1dB*
Automatically corrects phase and group-delay over typically 3ms window
Integrate one or two subwoofers with main speakers with time-correction
Provides anechoic measurement and detailed display for speaker correction
Patented low-latency FIR processing for speaker correction allows video use
Auto and real-time manual Parametric EQ over measurement display
Remote tone control provides full-spectrum parametric EQ with 100-presets
DEQX integrated software measurement, correction and user-defined options
Two analog inputs: Unbalanced (2 x RCA) and Balanced (2 x XLR)
Two stereo digital inputs: S/PDIF (1 x RCA) and AES/EBU (1 x XLR)
Anodized Black aluminum front panel
Six analog outputs: unbalanced (6 x RCA)
Provides DEQX-HD™ speaker correction for up to 3-way active speakers
DEQX-HD™ active crossovers; 48dB/octave to 300dB/octave linear-phase
Traditional active 3-way crossovers from 6dB/octave to 48dB/octave
32-bit, floating-point, 240-MFLOPS processing with dual SHARC DSP
Audiophile op-amps typically 300V/uSec slew-rate with high output drive
Audiophile 24-bit 96kHz ADC-DSP-DAC processing and conversion
Four, user-defined 'Profiles' allow different crossovers, room-EQ, preferences
Remote controls; Volume, Profile, Input select, and Lo, Mid, Hi tone controls
Individual driver correction prior to crossover when actively implemented
Calibration Kit provides DEQX-calibrated measurement microphone optional extra
Microphone input has 48V phantom power for DEQX Calibrated™ mics
Free downloadable software and firmware updates
100V-250VAC mains input

Price excludes shipping or PayPal fees


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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.