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fs: Denon DP-3000 direct drive turntable


Paid Member
2004-05-02 2:41 pm
Sadly, this doesn't fit into the same base as my DP-2000, so I don't have use for it. I bought the complete package for the DA-307 tonearm, sold the base separately, now the deck itself sits in my closet.

Mint condition, working flawlessly, fully checked out by me personally... you'll need a bit of woodworking skills to build a base and armboard, but the end result should be worth it.

Its the Japanese model, 100V/50-60Hz, but should run at 115V without a problem. I used my 100V DP-2000 with Canadian line voltage without incident for several years. The '3000 has a great TASCAM-inspired pro-audio look to it, and build quality to match.

The DP-3000 is not quartz lock, the control of the DC servo motor is simpler and more gentle than the quartz DP-2000. Otherwise the two are quite similar.

Asking only $100, but note shipping is additional and significant.



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