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FS: custom amp cases, the best you will find!

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ok, i'm finally officially selling my old amp cases. i have no need for them and they are just taking up room in my garage. these are the same ones from my avatar. i have two of them.

each one is setup for a 2-channel amp, but they are pretty big and you can fit a lot into them. i originally intended to use them for a 2 channel aleph 2 or aleph 3, but ended up using them for a 2 channel UCD400 amp. i had a 1.7kva transformer in each one (for sale as well), a 12v trigger circuit, the amps, a softstart circuit, anti hum circuit, and power supply, and still had room.

internal dimensions are: 14" x 9.75" x 7.75".

external dimensions are: 15.5 x 17" x 8".

the outer dimensions include the faceplate, but not the rubber feet, or the connections on the back.

there is a single hole in the case for the transformer (near the front), and everything i had mounted on the holes that hold the heatsinks on. the heatsinks are here:


each one is about 8" tall. and there are 4 sections total, so the C/W should be around 0.25 for the heatsinks. they are powdercoated though, so that insulates them a bit.

if you search for posts by me, you can find out all about these cases on here. there were built by a guy who does prototyping for the aerospace industry, and powdercoated by another guy who does custom motorcycles. the finish work is superb. the faceplates are bead-blasted and then clear matte powdercoated. these will hold up well over the years and are very difficult to damage.

i am asking $500 each. that includes the entire case, faceplate, and connectors on the back. each case has xlr, rca, speaker binding posts, ac input, 2 12v triggers, 12v trigger switch, and main power switch. of course you could use the holes for something else.

don't ask about the meters in the middle. :) you will need to figure out how to add a meter yourself. i didn't get that far. i have more pictures for interested parties. please only ask for pictures if you are interested, there are plenty of pics in the threads.


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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.