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FS: Bybee Quantum Speaker Filters

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Sold: These Bybee speaker filters were used on the 200w/ch amplifier outputs to the woofers of the biamped speakers that I am selling.

I am not the original owner and they are cosmetically a little rough looking, but they were out of sight behind speakers and improved the SQ to my ears. I am a believer in Bybee Quantum filters as I have them on the outputs of my remaining DIY amplifier for my smaller replacement speakers.

Asking $250 including shipping to the USA.


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Are you able to do AB comparisons with your remaining BQPs and if so what sound differences do you find ?.

The consistent result I get with Bybee's between Amps and speakers, in chassis AC circuits, or regulated DC circuits can be described by the old cliche "a veil was lifted from the music" - with no added negatives. New Bybee's need at least a hundred hours of music break-in like most other new components. The improvement is subtle, but real enough to be missed when removed.

The main test for me is that after using a new component until break-in is complete - I remove it and ask myself whether I miss the SQ change. I have tested components that sounded better, or resulted in no change to my ears, or had a negative impact on SQ. By the way, coupling caps have made the greatest difference in my 30 years of DIY HiFi projects and upgrades.
Thanks Calsor, I am curious about such long 'burn-in' time.
IME noticeable change due to BQP was close to immediate but I don't have experience of running them for hundreds of hours so I can't contribute comments re sonic changes after this long period.
I agree the result is clarifying of the music albeit with a faint remnant signature which was not to my liking however.

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.