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FS: Built Pearl Phono with outboard PSU and custom case

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I have a set of completed Pearl phono boards, outboard PSU and associated chassis's for sale. All the parts are in place for a fully functional Phono Section.
With this sale you will get the following:
1. Two complete PSU boards with Toroid and fuse switch in a stand alone aluminum chassis. The chassis is black and is from DIY Enclosures 0610. There are also two 18" neutrik umbilical cords
2. Two complete phono boards with gorgeous aluminum chassis. The chassis custom built from 1/4" aluminum plate, welded and ground smooth and then sprayed black for a complete monolithic enclosure.

To date i have spent approximately the following amounts:
1. Boards and parts from Promethius group buy: $250 US
2. DIY enclosure chassis: $70 US
3. Custom aluminum chassis: $400 US
4. Misc Parts incl Toroid, connectors etc: $60 US

for a grand total of $780 US.

Here is the catch though; on my system i can can't seem to get it to work correctly. There is sound and all seems good except for a high pitch hum that comes from the speakers. I have tried rewiring the amp a hundred different ways and to no avail. I have tested all the voltages and all are within 10% of ideal, i have loaded the input and tested both sections with a scope and there appears to be no distortion. I have even connected the phono amp to a different speaker and the hum goes away. So i have put it down to something that the phono does not like with my setup which is then exceedingly amplified through my 101 db speakers... well that is the theory anyway.

So i have decided to throw in the towel and try to sell the parts that i have. Perhaps the phono will work right of the bat for you, or perhaps it would take more tweaking from someone more experienced then me.

If you interested in taking these parts off my hands make me an offer. I will post some images of the completed amp and can email more if you are interested.



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Aww, don't cry Neil. If I wasn't so poor I'd buy just it. I'm sure someone will snap it up eventually, the Pearl is an awesome phonostage. I put one together for a coworker and loved breaking it in for him ;)

I like that case very much. When I had access to a TIG I'd sometimes sneak my projects in to work, an enclosure like that was always in the back of my mind.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.