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FS: Buffalo III DAC Complete KIT

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Complete Buffalo kit, setup and running, just needs a nice box. This DAC will blow your socks off,it uses the Sabre DAC found in high end equipment. MCINTOSH MCD500 Reference player. I have completely switched to vinyl and have lost interest in digital. The DAC is complete and currently useable in its current state but could use a custom enclosure. I have not heard anything close to this DAC south of $3000. These are difficult to purchase and have a waiting list. Priced to sell, grab it before its gone, you cant purchase one at the moment since they are back ordered.

Total Price $550, add for shipping and PP

Includes the following:

Buffalo 3 Kit with Tridents $379

Legato 3.1 Discrete Balanced I/V Stage $90

Metronome $75

S/PDIF 4:1 MUX/Receiver $129

Sidecar S/PDIF/PCM Switch Module Kit $35

Placid HD Power Supply Kit $60

Placid HD Bipolar Power Supply Kit $90

Digital Volume Controller Built in

TOSLINK Optical Input Module Kit $15

Power transformers $48

Highlights----- Four-layer circuit board optimized for mixed signals Based on the ESS Sabre32 Reference (ES9018) DAC chip Configurable for 1 to 8 DACs per channel High-precision, ultra-low-phase noise clock and integrated reclocking Three seperate series shunt regulator modules (Tridents) for Digital supplies Dual series shunt voltage regulator module for AVCC supplies Direct DSD, I2S and S/PDIF inputs supporting up to 32-bit/192kHz Supports up to 8 seperate stereo S/PDIF inputs, or up to 8 channels of PCM or DSD Up to 8 channels of outputs can be used in current-output or voltage-output mode (depends on output stage used) All connections by direct or optional (included) terminal blocks Built in digital volume control using the including volume pot Onboard microcontroller and 16 configuration switches, plus a header for remote control options I2C header for optional remote uC interfacing Seperate onboard regulator for powering the microcontroller and accessories

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.