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FS: BKelec XXLS 400 Rosewood finish

Hey all,
I've decided that I need to sell my much loved BKelec XXLS400 Subwoofer, after receiving 2 noise complaints from the local council...
It is around 4 months old, I bought it when living in my old house where I could get away with blasting out 20Hz, however, I now live in a terraced house... And despite all sound proofing efforts it just isn't suitable.

I'm sure I don't need to describe it's spec's and such, as I believe it's much of a favorite round here! :D
Here's the manufacturers page anyway:

And a good review:
AVForums.com - BK XXLS-400 Subwoofer Review

I live in Brighton, East Sussex, and as this thing is somewhat of a beast so collection is definitely the best option. But If I'm given a good enough offer I'll send it.
It's condition is almost perfect, however there is a small chip in one of the corners; I'll email photo's on request. It comes with the high and low level input cables as will as a kettle power lead.

And lastly, I'm looking for £400; but will accept reasonable offers.

PM me if interested.