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FS: Bees Neez K47 Capsule


2006-11-19 8:41 pm
I have a Bees Neez K47 that I got last winter for modding my Pearlman TM-1. I tried it out, along with another third party capsule, and ended up going with the other one.

These sell for 343.85 Australian dollars from Bees Neez, and I'm selling mine here for $260 US/CAD, including a Thiersch STS47 and D47 (worth 30 Euros new), which is a the mounting bracket for K47s.

Located in Canada, and I'll ship to anywhere in the world using registered mail:
  • Shipping free to mainland US / Canada
  • Anywhere else, buyer pays shipping

I haven't sold anything here before, but if you're a member of gearslutz, you'll be able to see my iTrader score and that I've bought and sold many times there.



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