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FS BB OPA660AP, WIMA caps, ROE Caps and other

I need to make some cash for future projects, so I sell some of my excess goodies.

I have available:

OPA660AP - perfect for Thorsten's I/V converter for TDA1541A or 1545A - 7 Eur /pc very rare!! (only 4 pcs)

ROE/Vishay 2200 uF - 63V 105°C long life @1Eur Each (street price usually 2-3Eur) http://www.vishay.com/docs/25138/eyc.pdf

Siemens Sikorel 105°C caps screw-type (recommended on TNT-audio as among the best elcos) 4700uF/40V and 2200uF/63V 2,5 and 2 Eur each (with mounting hardware except for the screws)

Wima MKS4 10uF 63V- 1,2Eur each (street price 3,3Eur)

Wima MKS 1uF 100V- 0,3Eur each (Mouser price for 100 pcs is > 1$/each)

RFT MKP axial caps 0,22uF - 160V 0,1Eur each (min 10 pcs)

Arcotronics Polyester 1uF 250V - 0,15 Eur Each

I can consider swap with audio components. Can take Paypal.