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FS: Audio Precision ATS-1 replacement face overlays

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A while back I bought a used ATS-1 that came from a Pro audio speaker manufacturing facility. the unit worked but it had spent much of it's life near an epoxy coating/painting area and the faceplate had lots of black epoxy paint on it. such a shame for such a great tester. the faceplate was unreadable, cracked in many places and no matter how much i scraped, it just wasn't coming off. So what to do? I just couldn't see parting out a perfectly working unit just because the faceplate was damaged. So I did some web research and found a company that makes the same type of overlays and after 50+ hours of labor measuring, checking, drawing, plotting and figuring out everything I finally have a 99.5% perfect replacement overlay. But let me tell you It wasn't cheap to have one made! in fact, 10 was the same price as one so I had 10 made and I am selling the rest to try and help recoup some cost's. this is a ONE TIME shot at these! once they are gone they are gone and Audio precision does not have anymore, not even in the scrap pile. I spent months talking to them and begging them to look. No luck. So get one of these while you can cause there will not be anymore!!

These have 3m adhesive on back just like the factory overlays! It's a bit of work to get the old faceplate off, cleaned up and the new one back on but it is very worth it in the end! Please note the white in the display window is a piece of protective paper. These are for the older versions of the ATS-1, please look at the photos carefully and make sure yours is the same. newer models are slightly different

I have these listed on eBay for $100 and will ship worldwide through eBays global shipping program


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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.