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FS: Ariels - Lynn Olson design

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I have a pair of Ariels I would like to sell that I spent a rediculous amount of time on - if anyone's interested. Stands are lead filled with black granite tile and brass cones. All wool lining and stuffing. No compromise crossover components - Zens, Hoveland, etc. Cabs are cherry veneer over MDF with solid cherry accents.

I also have a matching (cherry veneer) transmission line subwoofer w/12" aluminum cone driver for sale. It's passive and currently being driven by a separate 250W amp w/x-over.
No pics of it yet.

The limiting factor is I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area and due to the 100+ lbs per piece, I can only sell them to the lucky one close enough to pick them up.

Why am I selling? I guess I like building/experimenting - I have two other speaker projects and a new subwoofer project in the works - and not enough room!


cheers, -Brad-

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Brad, nice job on the Ariels. I sold mine a few years ago, they weren't anywhere near as nice as yours :xeye:

I wouldn't discount shipping them. I actually shipped mine from Toronto Canada to South Carolina! I found a local supplier of boxes who had a good size for each speaker, and then used styrofoam boards to line the box on all sides, about 3 layers on each side. I cut away at the styro around the drivers and binding posts. A third box contained the xover and base plates. UPS ground shipped it with no damage :)

What are you asking for them? I sold mine for $1200 Canadian, which just about covered my costs.

I'll try to post pics of the sub soon. I still have to spray some varnish on it. I've been lazy and stained it but never varnished it - moved on to other projects :)

I'll have to re-think the price for the 3 piece set.
Suffice it to say it will be pretty much what it cost me to build them.
Sadly, that seems to be what the market will bear. I consider it cheap education :)
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.