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FS: Arcam CD17 CD player. Black. Mint condition with quality cables (optical and RCA)

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For Sale: Arcam FMJ CD17, black.

$549 + shipping.

I have it listed on eBay as well. If it sells through DIY Audio, I will donate 5 % of the sales price to DIY Audio.

This CD player has been gently used in a smoke and pet free home. Aside from perhaps a few dust specs, it looks and operates like new. It comes with the following:

- Arcam Remote
- Monster Interlink CD quality RCA interconnect cables with gold plated connectors.
- Bluerigger TOSLINK cable
- Product manual
- Power cable
- Original box

The Arcam CD17 features the Wolfson WM8741 operating in differential mode, separate power supplies for analog and digital circuitry fed by a toroid mains transformer, shielded ICs in the signal path, and much more. It's a nice CD player.

The power supply can be switched from 110-120 to 220-240 V, hence, it will work world-wide.

I ship worldwide and accept payment via paypal.

The images below show the actual CD player for sale. What you see is exactly what you get.

If you're interested in buying, please toss me a PM or email.



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Shipping charges vary by destination. Western US should be around or maybe slightly below $20. Eastern US about $30.
Due to the size of the box, shipping internationally will be rather spendy... Shipping to Canada should be around $75 (USPS Priority). To western Europe will be around $90.

I'll ship world-wide.

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