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FS: Altec 511B/902-8 and Usher Audio drivers!!!!

I am selling my THREE Altec 511B horns and THREE Altec 902-8 drivers (2 x 902-8B, 1 x 902-8T) so I can downsize my system and fund the new speaker build.

I currently have these in open baffles and the things are simply too large for my small room and need to go.

For the longest time, I thought that the drivers were work-hardened, but it was only because I had my system tuned wrong. In my current setup, I am only using about +2dB of boost around 10kHz and that's it. They still produce plenty of air and sparkle on their own.

Also for sale are a total of 5 Usher Audio 15" drivers (FOUR 15HM drivers, ONE 15PA driver). These were bought brand new just five months ago and they are in like new condition and sound great.

I'm looking to get $600 for all three Altec horns and drivers. Considering what I paid for them two years ago, this is a great deal. For the Usher Audio drivers, I'm looking at $150 each. This is a great deal on these woofers as well.

I'll only sell and ship within the CONUS via USPS or FedEx and will accept PayPal only. Actual shipping charges will be added to the final price.

Here's a current picture of the system just for reference...


Okay, I am dropping the pricing on everything and selling everything seperately as it seems that more people just want certain parts, so here it is...

Altec 902-8B x 2 = $100 ea + insurance + shipping

Altec 902-8T x 1 = $100 ea + insurance + shipping

Altec 511B Sectoral Horns x 3 = $85 ea + insurance + shipping

Usher Audio 15HM 15" woofers x 4 = $100 ea + insurance + shipping

Usher Audio 15PA 15" woofer x 1 = $100 ea + insurance + shipping

I forgot to mention in my 1st post that I have the original boxes for all of the Usher drivers.