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FS: Alpha Big Boy PCB Set

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Hi, Complete and untouched, Qty 2 PCB's Euro 60 / £50 with shipping worldwide.

Change of plans mean that these are available.

email me for more details



This is the ALPHA Big Boy with Buttah (ABBB) Class A Amplifier PCB. This amp is the evolution of the Alpha BB amp but combined with the popular Smooth Like Buttah (SLB) active bridge cap multiplier power supply all integrated on board. The amp uses the wonderful Aksa Lender front end with the superb hybrid P channel Aleph output stage. In combining the Alpha BB with the SLB we have essentially simplified one of the most time consuming and difficult aspects of building a Class A amp: making the power supply and connecting it. We have also decided to include a custom solid state relay (SSR) speaker protection and delayed start circuit designed by jhofland. The SSR protection is new and has been tested on P2P veroboard. Beautiful professional layout by JPS64 and includes over 16,000 vias that stitch the top and bottom copper planes together for a lower impedance path for electric current. Boards will be 2mm thick with 2oz copper and gold ENIG finish.

Notable features of the ABBB amplifier:
- All in-one amplifier board
- 52w into 8ohms
- Remotely mounted power transistors with Molex quick disconnects
- 400VA to 500VA 32v power transformer (per channel) with dual secondaries is recommend to achiev about +/-37v rails
- Designed to be used with cost effective CPU coolers
- Built in ground loop breaker using NTC and 22nF cap
- Bias current is circa 3 amps


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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.