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FS: Alon Model IV MK II

Alon Model IV MK II Loudspeakers Sale

Hello All,
I have my Alon Model IV MK II Loudspeakers now for sale. All Drivers have been replaced with original Alon Drivers, and crossover components updated from Alon. You can read about the great reviews on these speakers, from Stereophile and the Absolute Sound, they are compared favorably with the big Bose 901, or 801, the real big robotic looking speakers. These Alon's were retailed at $3500.00 when I bought them, they are the Light Oak wood design, each speaker weighs 125 lbs, and the sound stage is very detailed and realistic, not colored in any way, plenty of deep bass, but not boomy, nice and tight. You can read alot about these, plenty of reviews out there. You can email me if interested. [email protected]