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FS: Aleph-X rev.1 pcb (original DIY audio groupbuy) 3pcs.


2012-04-19 3:45 pm
These Aleph-X pcb's I bought dring the first DIY audio groupbuy.

Normaly I would not sell them, I have had them for some years now waiting to be used, but I have been draged in some other projects who need funding. So I decided that I make someone happy with these good conserved pcb's, and at the same time this person can make me happy funding my current projects (FetZilla amp and RelaiXed pre). They are in mint condition.

I would like to have 45 euro's for the three of them, and I do not sell them individually. On top of that comes the cost for sending them to you from The Netherlands.

Just to be sure send me a pb if you are interested.


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