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FS: Adire Extremis 6.8 and 6.4, other bits and pieces

FS: Adire Extremis 6.4 drivers, new

(Updated 7/26/2013)

Closet cleaning time! I have 6 each Extremis 6.4 that could use new homes. All 6.8 drivers have been sold. All are new and in factory packaging. $75 each plus shipping. Free US shipping for quantities of 4 or more.



I have 20+ year's worth of loudspeaker design related stuff that can find much better use than sitting in closets. (Not to mention that my wife will be practically dancing in the street over less clutter and more storage space.) :)

Much more to come! I have many drivers, crossover parts, cabinet hardware, etc, for which to find new homes. I just have to find time to sort everything out and in some cases, test used drivers to assure integrity. Some have been in storage for quite some time.
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