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FS: Adcom GFA565: $250

Hi All,

Further to my other post regarding parts of an Adcom 565, I have it's evil twin: a cosmetically great, working, but probably failing 565.

The symptoms of imminent failure are the same as so many others, the output stage is generating great amounts of heat even when the amp is idling. As far as I know there is no DC offset at this stage.

Thus if you buy the amp you should assume you will be performing (or paying for) some sort of refurbishment, or the lifespan of your new toy may be short, and it will likely eat your speakers when it finally dies.

It is in it's original box, with the manual as well I think.

PS recent eBay completed sales range from $250-$581
PPS Depending on carrier and destination, shipping will be upwards of $50
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