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FS: A pair of Neurochrome Modulus-86 monoblock amplifiers


2001-12-12 1:45 am
I have for sale a pair (2) of Neurochrome Modulus-86 monoblock amplifers, precisely installed in two beautiful enclosures. I could say this is one of the nicest and compact built of this amplifier around. For all those who have speakers of at least 86dB sensitivity and looking for a neutral, but natural sounding amplifier, look no further.

Each monoblock consist of 160 VA (230V)transformer, made by my own specifications. Each power supply board consist of 4x10000 uF 50V Nichicon capacitors and dual rectifier fast recovery diodes. For wiring speaker lines, Jantzen solid core wire was used. For indication 2 mm green LED is used on front panel. Mains switch is rated 15A. XLR input connector is gold plated Neutrik version. Dimensions of each monoblock are: 22x27x7 cm (WxDXH). Both monoblock amplifiers are in perfect operating condition.

You can read a lot more information about this nice amplifier here, together with all measurements: Modulus-86: DIY 65W power amplifier achieving -120dB (0.0001%) THD – Neurochrome

Price for monoblock amplifier is 280 EUR + post costs. Payment via PP.


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