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FS: 6 Channels of Mini-Aleph

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Time to move out some stuff I will probably never use.

$400 USD$ or CAD$ for it all.

Hi res pictures can be seen here:

I have 6 channels of Mini-Aleph for sale. Two of the channels have been powered up and used for a month or so.

I don't have the metal working skills or interest to finish these boards into a finished amp or amps.

The boards/kits were bought from a group-by here on diyaudio.com a couple years ago. One PSU board is missing caps. All boards were soldered with Cardas solder and have been cleaned.

There is tons of information in this forum about the mini-aleph if you do a search. Another good link is:
2 channels and one PSU and 4 extention boards left to sell

Yes I received Pat's email and a couple others.

Currently I have 2 channels left and one PSU board with missing caps. Total price $110 US or CAD + shipping. The 6 missing caps were Nippon 22,000 35v. I believe this kit was also sold with 10,000 uf caps, so they should do the job as well.

I didn't recieve a notice that there were replies to this thread for some reason. Emailing me is best in the "first come first served" fashion I am selling these.

The caps are missing because I used one PSU for a gainclone without checking the voltage of the caps. They all ended up with dome tops after about a month. I desoldered them from the board and you will be hard pressed to tell that they were ever on the board.

I have had requests to sell PSU boards without channels. If someone buys the remaing 2 channels without PSU board then I already have a couple buyers waiting for it.

For others wanting only boards then ask him www.chipamp.com if he has any boards left.

I also have 4 extention boards. Make me an offer if you want them.

What are extension boards you ask?

Some may be wonder what extension boards are.

They allow each channel to use more output devices which makes the amp 30 watts / channel and a few other improvements. My guess is very few builders used them.

Read about it here and search in the forum.

You can see what they look like in the 4th picture down on this page http://myaudiosystem.com/4sale/minia/
There are 4 in the bottom of the picture.

It would be easy to do the same without the extension boards using the point-to-point method. P-to-P gives you the option of how/where you want to mount and space the output devices on the heatsink. The extension boards look nicer :)

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.