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FS - 500va Trans + 3886 x 2 + Hsink + Rack case

Okay, I learned a lot.

Did some experimentation, and produced a highly awesome 4 channel amplifier.

Only thing that got me was that pesky last bit of noise I could hear when I put my ear up to my speakers.

So after all these trials and tribulations building my first amplifier, I'm walking away from the fight calling it a draw. I'm a perfectionist.

Now, I have for sale most of the components of this amp.

Included are:

- A nice rack style aluminum enclosure, 3 units high.

- A 500 VA toroidal transformer, dual primaries, dual secondaries, 22 volts (30 volts after rectification and smoothing)

- Two channels of 3886 amplifier boards

- A power supply (rectifier, 4 caps, etc on PCB)

- An aluminum heatsink which the amp boards are mounted on.

So, this is just about everything you'd need to get a nice two channel amp, with room for 2 more channels if you want to add them. Most of this amp is already wired.

Just about the only thing missing are the connectors on the back panel. There are already mounting holes here.

Pictures (please note - I am keeping one power supply and two amp channels - you will get the blue ones)



Paid $65 for the case, $70 for the transformer, $65 for the amp boards and power supply, and $15 for the heat sink. Any reasonable offer will be accepted.

Contact info: Send me PM or email to [email protected]