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FS : 4 Paradise PCB / 4 Heatsink / Clips / 2 Transformers


2006-11-04 3:34 pm

Due to moving house & too many project I'm selling parts from hesener GB :
- 4 Paradise PCB : 120x214mm, red colour, silver finish, white component print
- 4 Heatsinks + mounting clips for heatsinks
- 2 Antek Transformers AN0220 25VA/2x20V : Antek - AN-0220

Original cost is 58€ for a set of 2 PCB + 2 heatsink + clips + shipping
I've paid 40€ for 2 Antek AN0220 shipped.
Asking 160€ for all above parts - Paypal only + fees + shipping

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Really? I was pointed at this design and wanted to show interest before someone else took the boards. Unfortunately I missed out on the fact that it was MC optimized.

In other words; crap!
Is there another big/awesome/lots-of-parts design going round for a MM? I am new to TT's so I am not familiar to the TT-topics :0