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FS: 2 chassis with heatsinks

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Posting this for a friend.

2 aluminium chassis with integrated heatsink for sale.

Originally "tailor-made" for a project of low power class A transistor amplifier. Sorry, no pictures available but the design is very similar to the PWAD-A100 in the site http://www.thlaudio.com/casebpwrE.htm

The chassis for sale is one-size smaller than the PWAD-A100 shown. It has 6 heatsinks screw-mounted to the aluminium case, and can accomodate 6 TO-3 transistors in total, 3 each side. On the back panel, a square hole for the main socket and 2 columns of 3 round holes (at the right side) for the in and out ports are pre-drilled. There is no switch on the front panel and no vent slits on the top plate as the PWAD-A100. The overall machine work and finish are of professional standard and similar to the PWAD-A100.

The price for one chassis is US$125. The buyer pays for the shipping cost which could be as much as US$30 as we are located in Hong Kong.

Please e-mail me if you are interested.

Thanks for reading this ad.

Best wishes,
russell SIT
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