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FS: 1) TAD TD-2001 Compression Driver

Sold! Thank you very much!

Was going to build a system using this but have changed direction. One unit available, $300. The person from whom I purchased it said it has the original beryllium diaphram but I haven't opened to check it out of worry of causing damage. I've just tested it with a 15uF cap inline and it works fine (I don't have a horn with which to couple it and truly test it). I'm happy to open it and post a picture if it won't damage it. I've seen these go from $250 to $500 each. Has definitely seen use; the positive terminal has been bumped but it isn't loose or wobbly. Would prefer local pick-up in the LA valley due to its weight but I'm happy to drop it off to a boxing and shipping store if the buyer pays them directly.

DSC00401 by mpeake, on Flickr

DSC00405 by mpeake, on Flickr

DSC00404 by mpeake, on Flickr

Thanks for looking!
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