From whats what and which to Nirvana


2007-12-01 11:21 pm
Hi there

I have started to build my first Nelson Pass Amplifier

I hope this to be a contribution to a worthy Man

The first steps.

Gater information and read trugh the post a long long Job frustrating at times

Gater Parts when you start from nothing is a long proces but as cool dude say I have started up with nothing and I got most of it left..

Any way while I wait I made a first draft of the PCB

Planty of space and traces to sort + I am planning on sticking a few mF near the Mossfet so no driling for those and for mounting options.

Still I would apreciate your imput for major bubus.




  • F5 first take 1PCBBMP.JPG
    F5 first take 1PCBBMP.JPG
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2007-12-01 11:21 pm
Just the kind of tecnicall imput I was expecting one day this tread will be a 1000 pages long and very usefull.

Got nothing constructive to say get lost.

That PCB not bad for one hour work metink but then on the F5 proper tread I have found real jevell see post 1066.

Hope this help.