From the Estate of Tom Colangelo


2008-04-04 9:26 pm
Below is a letter I requested from the executor of Tom Colangelo’s estate. We are using this membership together, both of us available for questions, etc., but I’ve offered to manage this online communication. Emails will go to my personal address and we’ll be responding together. We are hoping to get some ideas, maybe specific requests or referrals to helpful resources as we proceed in respectfully selling or auctioning some of Tom’s things including equipment, parts and personal career-related items from his home in Hamden Connecticut. Please feel free to write to us or reply with your thoughts. Thank you.

From the Estate of Tom Colangelo

Six months ago my world and your world suffered a terrible tragedy. My life-partner of almost 3 decades was suddenly killed in a car accident…10 days before his 58th birthday. I still can’t get my head around it. But this statement is not about me–it is for you.

After the work left “in the pipeline” at Viola Audio Labs there will be no more audio palettes, no ML2s, no Bravos. But his legacy remains strong and will always remain so. Small consolation perhaps, but such is the way of things.

Since his death I have thought long and hard on matters regarding his legacy and the continuing influence he will have. Now as it comes time to make decisions about his personal property and such, it is very important to me that the people who may desire to own these pieces be those who truly appreciated the gentle genius of Tom and the unique mark he left in the world.

When I was named executor of Tom’s estate, I asked a long-time friend of ours to assist me in this difficult task. She too has been hit heavily by Tom’s death, but to her lasting credit she did not hesitate to agree. She began the difficult process of exploring a variety of items that Tom left behind in a manner that was quite in keeping with the family’s sensitivities. After much research she recommended that I post to this forum. After reading several threads I agree that she found the people who are clearly part of Tom's community. I'm sure he would have agreed.
From the Estate of Tom Colangelo