From keyboard via Text-to-speech To Microphone Talk?

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Hi All,

Its me first post on your forum so I hope it is located in the right section.

Due to my relative, living in same apartment going to sleep much earlier than me and not wanting to wake my relative up, I have to find a solution. I talk on microphone a lot but if I talk, my relative cannot sleep. However fortunately sound of key pressings on keyboard is not a problem so I am searching for solution for my Windows 10 system (pc/laptop). I would like to find a working, preferable free, software where could I type some text inside. After I press particular button, the text must be converted to speech. Then this speech must be further converted, via voip software (e.g. xlite, zoiper), to input sound of microphone. So whoever I am calling via voip phone connection could hear me talking but in reality I would be typing in the software I am asking for. It is important that text is ''sent'' to microphone (identical as my talk if i was talking) AFTER i press particular button so person talking with me wouldn't hear my voice while it is STILL BEING typed. Any setting inside windows' control panel won't be solution, need separated software. Any help would be much appreciated, thank you very much.
Can your current VOIP software allow for some audio file (MP3/Wav/etc.) to be inserted for the other party to listen? (maybe you want them to hear some music)
That would take you halfway there, since some text-to-speech software allows saving results in some audio file format, you can then cut and paste.

Clumsy, but basically what you need.

I understand the other party has an audio phone but not a computer? Not even a Smartphone?

I use everyday plain vanilla Whatsapp which allows me to communicate 3 ways, which allow all 3 communicatiob m odes:
1) standard text to text messaging
2) I can press a small microphone symbol, record a couple phrases, they are automatically sent and the other party hears them.
I can use both at the same time: I type my side of the conversation, they send their audio which I can hear through headphones if needed.
3) if I press the small phone symbol, we talk freely, like in Skype or any VOIP software.
4) we can take, send and receive pictures while talking if needed.
5) also links to pages, videos, etc.

In all, Whatsapp does everything you need and more, except you typing and them hearing ... hope you don't need to communicate with blind people :(

Even so, would not be surprised at all about some App existing which converts text to speech, which they could use.
JMFahey thank you for your reply. No, I don't want to make them hear some music. As you see in my primary post, I said that text should be converted to speech (further converted to input of microphone) only when i press some button in the software i am asking for. This means that person talking with me (phone call and not skype or similar messenger, therefore voip!) would hear entire sentence/question/statement said but in reality typed by me. Example if i call you, then you pick the call and i type on keyboard:

you are probably going to respond by your speech with either:
"who are you"

then i would like to answer that I met you online on forum but instead that you hear word by word separately with little pause (my time needed to type that i met you online) inbetween each word, i would press the button first and only then text is converted to speech and speech to microphone input. So instead of you hearing something like this (little pause included):


you would hear, after i press the button, this:

"i met you online"

so entire sentence, identically as i would talk. The point is that i may type the conversation with you and not speak so i can avoid being too loud in my apartment, assuming that the sound of key pressing on keyboard is negligible. I think such software applications exist due to solutions needed for deaf people, but i don't know which exact one should i use. Cannot try many of them and all the time be disappointed after i download plus install.

So no, there is no audio to be uploaded. Just the talk. Talk on the fly which cannot be predicted what person speaking with me, e.g. you, is going to say. It has to be in real time because on ''i met you online'' you might react verbally (you would speak) with question like ''where online, on which website or messenger'' or ''that makes no sense, i speak with hundreds of people daily''. So i cannot prepare in advance such reply on your verbal comment. Thats why it has to be real time.

The other side has phone, either wired (landline) or wireless (mobile cell phone).

The solution I am looking for has to work on Windows 10. Just in case if the following info tells you anything: most of outgoing phone calls are executed via (you might check the website for basic idea about it), from there it rings my computer based voip phone and from this ringing the final redirection to wanted number (whoever i want to call) is processed.
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