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Hello all

We would like to introduce two new moderators. Sangram from India and AllenB from Australia. Good long time diyA members. Their time zones are nicely spread. Thanking them for accepting the invitation.

*We would also like to thank jazbo8 & TonyTecson for their positive long tour of duty as they retired during the recent period.
It is Bill. Mine is too. I was surprised to wake up and find there were two new backroom lurkers. Hoodathunk?

Seriously though, after careful deliberation, those two were chosen from their character profiles. This worries me. If it's about that, how the h*** did I get to be a part of that stellar crowd? Someone must have been drinking. ;)

diyAudio welcomes the two latest Moderators with open arms. They have already shown their mettle as regular members and have shown us their abilities in the backroom as well. diyAudio just got better. Sad that others are no longer with us, but happy to know there are those that can move in when needed. That's what makes this place as good as it is.
Cheers to all.
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And thanks from me :)

Let Bigun try, we may be two but together.. :D


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