Frequency response combiner help

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Can someone please help me here. I'm trying to learn the FRD consortium tools. In the FRC, I load my spl trace, box, baffle etc., everything looks good, but when I normalize, my spl trace and the combined response that's generated only has a frequency range from about 20-600hz. Before I normalize, it looks like the manufacturers response which is 20-10,000hz.

Any help would be appreciated.
Ah okay, here ya go.



  • BDS IEC.txt
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  • Bds SB Acoustics 5.txt
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  • final sb13pfc freq resp trace.txt
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  • SB unibox manufacture response data 1000L.txt
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I'm just trying to learn the tools. I am trying to create the combined response files to take into a crossover design program like Passive crossover designer or speaker workshop.

Is it creating the same abbreviated response for you? Is that normal?
I'm not seeing what you're seeing. I don't use this program much because I just take take measurements straight to PCD, but it seems to be working fine. Let's see if we're doing the same steps. After starting the spreadsheet, I clicked the execute buttons to load the five frd files. Then, I clicked to go to the normalizer, changed the end frequency to 20kHz, and clicked to extend the slopes of all the plots. After that, everything seems to work as it should.
Hmm. In the Frd Consortium tutorial, it says to enter sample number, start and end frequency. That's what I did. There is a block of cells that say "Register Number 1 has Same Start Freq - Extending End Freq". Could this be an error?

I'll try starting it over and entering your parameters

Do you leave all of them on extend top/bottom slope? The tutorial says to set Baffle Measure and Target to "Select top value, Select low value"
Default samples on mine is around 1900. Messing with it does not give me errors either.
Would you mind taking a look at a pdf of what I'm getting when it's all combined and tell me if it looks right? Doesn't seem right to me, but I don't really know... phase and impedance really don't look right.

Sorry the formatting is all screwy


  • FRCbeta01.pdf
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You're not going to be able to get very accurate phase out of a traced response file, but no, I don't see anything that looks right there. It's just your traced response, tilted down by combining with those two box lines, which somehow you've turned into straight lines. How did that happen? I expected to be helping you with messed up frd files here, rather than with using FRC which I don't actually know much about. On the other hand, it doesn't seem like anything odd is happening on my end. Can you point me at the tutorial you are trying to follow?
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