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Hi Raul, Lisandro,
After you have created the schematic, how do you autoroute it? I used the PCB Wizard, made it a custom, one layer PCB, but I get no output. I do not know what is going wrong. I tried to export the netlist, but no luck. The schematic also shows errors. I am confused. Can you help me?

Agree with you. Not only that, it feels more "pro" (if you know what i mean), is widely supported (checked for libraries and such? there're TONS of them!) and, it's avaliable in several plattaforms.

BTW, most of the minor limitations of the free version can be overcomed with... um.... *cough*downloadingapatch*cof* <mumble, mumble> :D. I don't think it'd be ethical to post it here, but drop me a mail if you want it!
Hi all,

Evidently, AutoTRAX is still in development and it contains errors, what can be a problem for some, for that reason proposes another solution.

Some time ago, in a French magazine, a special about CAD was published in the one that there was four CD's with test versions, or free, of several programs.

One of them is CSIEDA 4.0:

In the CD of this program a free version was included that allows up to 250 pin.

The program includes: schemes, pcb's, spice, and even the possibility to draw in 3D the circuit.

It also includes libraries with 50.000 symbols (I have not counted them), more than 5.000 spice models, manuals and animations explaining the handling of the program.

The default instalation is in English, but also can be made in French.

The full program is totally professional and very expensive, something like that how Protel. But, in my opinion, 250 pin is more than enough for anyone of the projects that have appeared in diyaudio.

I can send a copy from the CD to somebody in America, and another copy to somebody in Europe, if commits to send in turn, at least two copies to other participants in diyaudio that request them to him, and so on. I cannot send a copy to everybody who wants it, it is too expensive for me.

The idea is that, maybe, this program can become something like that how the official software of diyaudio, and the exchange of files and of projects it will be much easier that sending graphic files. This forces to draw the schem or the pcb again to each one that is interested in him. This way, when including the file of the program, anyone will be able to open it, to edit it, and to send a new version to the forum.

This is the proposal. The total is about 500 Mb, for what to download it of a page web would be a problem for those that have connections of low speed, I find that the best solution is to send the CD's.

Naturally this can only be made by snail mail. I include you my data and, the interested ones, they can send me his and I will make the shipment at two of them.

Juan Raúl Couto Domínguez
Independencia 31, 3º
La Coruña 15002

It won't be this way necessary that nobody appeals to illegal copies. I wait your answers.

Happy days,

Raúl Couto.


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raul_77, Protel did have a DOS product I first used back in 1988 called Autotrax, the cut down freeware version which is called Easytrax. I think it's strange this company Kovac Software can use the same name for a related product.

Now I have just downloaded this thing you recommended but not installed it yet and it came to 24,679,414 bytes on a 28.8k connection. So my question is - is the Spice part any good? If it is not then I am going to email the whole lot to you! ;)


If one reads the autotrax help/documentation file is sounds pretty user freindly. I messed with it for a few days and found that it doesn't always work the way the documentation says. It is definately still under development and if it just behaved as documented it could be fairly nice for hobiest scale projects. From the point of view of someone (me) not experienced with professional level products such as Cadence, the graphic interface seems more intuitive than some others. That doesn't compensate for not working of course.

I wouldn't be surprised if the documentation was created before the code. That's a "top down" way to do it and could result in a very user friendly product if they get it to work. The company background is in animation. They claim a 3D viewer where you can look at (fly through a kla "Intel Inside" commercials) a "completed" board. Kool. But I rather they get the basics right first.
Hello all,

Sam9, you have the whole reason, Autotrax still has left some time until reaching the maturity.

For it, I continue with my offer of sending the free version of Csieda.

It can get off the page web: is about 28 Mb.

But they get lost many of the functions that the CD brings, how the tutorials and the extra libraries.

Who is interested, please that sends me an E-mail with some shipment address.

Happy days,

Raúl Couto.

Image of the PCB...


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Please help!

Hi all,
I used Eagle 4.09 to create a schematic for Rod Elliott's 60 W amp. I finished the schematic, saved it and closed the window but the damn thing does not open. It says `Error 293, cannot open ................'. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.


250 pins can be a limit, my DAC board has more on a 80 x 100 mm doublesided board. Besides, for a software to become a standard, people would have to learn to use it.

I have lots of demo versions some of which I have installed but there is basically only Eagle that I have worked with on anything that could be called a project (+ Protel professionally in my previous job). The demo version can handle 80 x 100 mm which is ok for an SMD DAC but not for a serious power amp.

There is a pretty amazingly complete package for schematic, pcb, autorouting and simulation called Target3000. A free full version can be downloaded at The catch: it cannot print anything at 100% size nor output gerber. So you have to either have your pcbs made be pcb-pool (which is pretty cheap) or resize the prints with a copy machine which is inadequate for most SMD work. Again, I have not really worked with this system yet.



1. The current version of AutoTRAX EDA is 1.03 BETA.
2. I made the software available early so users like yourself
could look at it and provide feedback so that the program was
what you people want, not what I want.
3. The manual is written at the same time as I write the code, sometimes
slightly before, sometimes slightly after.
4. I hate writing manual but it has to be done. I would love people to tell
me any discrepancies.
5. My background is originally in physics and IC process engineering. I
later worked on digital electronics, embedded software. Lately I have done
a lot of 3D and 2D graphics and spent a lot of time on user interfaces. My
interests are cycling and powerlifting. I was the 1989 125Kg. British Powerlifting
6. AutoTRAX is designed to make it easy to use, and very interactive. Try
using the mousewheel, dragging with mousewheel pressed and rotating
the mousewheel.
7. A feature that you make find interesting is:
place several objects on a sheet , say 10.
zoom in so only say about 4 are fully in view.
press the left mouse button over an object and drag it around, note
how the view changes to keep the object in view.
8. The software is fully configurable and remembers its settings.
9. It comes with the source code for a visual basic program, that uses the
AutoTRAX EDA activeX control. You can even place the control in word and
10. AutoTRAX EDA is continually evolving.
11. AutoTRAX is not related to any products either current or former of Protel,
now Altium.
12. If you go to the Altium website and search for Autotrax it will
reply Sorry! There were no matches to your search criteria: autotrax.
13. I own the US trademark for AutoTRAX. No. 2,469,410.
14. I would greatly appreciate any constructive feedback that you have, for
instance what features of Eagle do you like and what features of AutoTRAX
do you dislike or feel could be improved.
15. I do not feel you should get involved in trading illegal copies of software.
You would not like people to steal your belongings or short change you!
16. AutoTRAX EDA is free. No limits, no timebombs. No police knocking on
you door at 5am to sieze your computer for illegal software.
16. Finally, I reply personally to all emails sent to me, you can even phone
me if you like.

Coming soon:
AutoTRAX files in 100% XML format - user readable and editable.
Scaleable Vector Grahics (SVG) output (XML).
Website using SVG and XML to exchange designs.

Ilija Kovacevic
Tel: +44(0)1889 508094
Fair Oak,
Skeath Lane
Sandon Bank
Stafford ST18 9TD

The person has already been chosen the one that I will send him the copy of CSIEDA 4.0 in America.

He will send an answer to diyaudio to communicate it and that they can contact him other two people to receive their copies, these two to other two, etc. This way soon will be able to have the program everybody who wants it.

Somebody lacks in Europe. I wait their answers.

. . .

Eric, I know the free version of Target 3001! But, how most of the free versions, has a limit of 100 pin.

That I know, CSIEDA 4.0 have the most generous free version of all: 250 pin, and it is better program that Target 3001!

. . .

Happy days,

Raúl Couto
RE: Eagle problem

Vivek, Have you tried checking out the Eagle news groups to see if they can help, or even Eagle themselves? I know when I was following some stuff on it, they seemed pretty helpful. (Unless of course, you have "patched" your copy to work better, in which case, forget it, they won't help)

Sorry I can't help otherwise....
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