Free ripping and playing options for MacOS 10.4?

I'm trying to piece together a hi-fi PC based system on a shoestring budget with as much of my existing equipment as possible.

For a DAC I have a USB Tenor TE7022 board spliced into an old TDA1541 CD player with tube output.

My source is an old Mac laptop running OS 10.4, which limits compatible free software options. So far I've been using XLD to rip some CDs. I've been auditioning two players: Play and Vox.

Vox is dynamic but a bit boomy in the low end. Play is smoother and more balanced, but lacks the "life" of Vox.

I've been trying both AIFF and FLAC 16/44.1 files created by XLD. Strangely, the FLAC files hide behind an audible, albeit thin, veil when compared to AIFF playback.

1. Are there any other compatible free ripping and/or playing programs worth auditioning?
2. Do I need to tweak settings in XLD to get FLAC files that aren't so "shy"?
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