Free PC based oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer and function generator

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Hi frnds
this is sekhar . I just wanted to share a piece of software that i came across last night . it is a free pc based oscilloscope , using the sound card line in or microphone input , we can view and measure different signals.

here r a few details:-

Detailed Features about:

1.Oscilloscope (dual channel, xy, time division, trigger);
2.Spectrum Analyzer with amplitude and phase display (linear, log, lines, bar, octaves band analysis 1/3, 1/6, 1/9, 1/12, 1/24);
3.Wave-form generator with "custom functions", triangular, square, sinus, white noise and pulse generation (NO ALIASING);
4.Frequency meter (in time and frequency domain) and counter; in time domain by means of a real time zero crossing algorithm;
5.Volt meter with DC, true RMS, peak to peak and mean display;
6.Filtering (low pass, hi pass, band pass, band reject, notch, "diode", DC removal);
7.Memo windows (data log) for analysis and storage of time series, spectrum and phase with "triggering" events; possibility to save in various formats and display them with a viewer;
8.A TRUE software digital analog conversion (for complete signal reconstruction using Nyquist theorem) ;
9.Frequency compensation: one can create/edit a custom frequency response and add it to the spectrum analyzer spectrum ; added standard weighting curves A,B,C in parallel with custom frequency response;
10.Support for 8/16/24 bit soundcard by means of API calls;
11.Unlimited frequency sampling (depend from the capabilities of your soundcard);
12.Cepstrum analysis;
13.Cross Correlation;
14.Extended THD measurements, with automatic sweep and compensation.
15.ZRLC-meter with Vector scope, automatic sweep in time and frequency for automatic measurement.

I have used conventional analog scope in my college , but as my college is over i dont have any instrument to work with and i dont even have money to buy instruments . So i opted for a free pc based scope .may be u people have used such software in the past, please check this software and tell me whether is it any good . I cant do it because i cant cross reference my data with readings from a original scope.

here is the download link.just copy past it on it the browser and it will start downloading..

as i am not very well versed with this type of software kindly tell me is it good enough ..



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