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Free: Non-audio TI ADC board (TLC2543 EVM)


Paid Member
2003-01-27 2:36 am
South NJ
These are non-audio and old, but I'll give it a shot before they go into recycling. User Guide is still available on TI's website.

Just pay $6.25 to cover shipping (US only) and paypal. I have 2 of them, price is for one or both.

If no one takes them in a week, I'll just practice my desoldering skills. Then they go into electronics recycling, which I'd like to avoid.

From the manual:
The TLC2543 evaluation module (TLC2543EVM) consists of a TLC2543
12-bit ADC interface with a TSL250 optical sensor, a transistor-based
temperature sensor, a TL1431 voltage reference, a TLC2264 quad op-amp to
provide four analog signal buffers, a TL7726 hex clamping circuit for signal
over-voltage protection, a TMS370C712 microcontroller, and three TIL311
hex display characters​


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