Free CAD software.

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i found this in a CNC forum. its a pre-release software kinda thing. if they have 100k people signing up for their release, they will give it away to those 100k people. its at about 60k right now. it cant hurt.

i guess they just want to build up a contact base. who knows. it seems legit, many sites have confirmed its legitamacy. worst case, use your spam email account to register.
They are at 60,174 but hear this catch:

"Everyone who registers will get the X-CAD product for FREE — but only if 100,000 people participate. So, spread the word and get your free 3D CAD software faster — tell all your colleagues and friends to register too! "

BUT ONLY IF 100,000 participate!!!
ACAD getting the share. >It amazes to see how much money is rolling to this company.

A source said that ACAD sold last year 2.7 million seats for all their software.

If these were all LT which is the low cost version just add 3 “0” to that figure.

Something does not sound right with actual pricing for this software which goes up to nearly US$5,000.

ACAD will pay a price for this in the long run. We have seen this many times… they will loose market no doubt.
After doing a little bit of digging, I think I've figured out who the company behind this publicity stunt is. If I'm right, I'm actually quite stoked, as I've been contemplating buying the program! I'm not going to spoil things by saying who I think it is, but I will drop this little hint, fing out who the netblock owner of the IP address is, and that should shed some light on the whole thing.

Again, if its who I think it is (which its looking like I'm probably right, based on what some other sources have been saying) its a nice product that should be better with their new version, now that they've re-written it in C++ instead of Java! (Yes, someone wrote a full CAD program in Java!!)
ctardi said:
Can you email me about who it is? Or who you think it is?

How about I just give another hint? Look at the IP address and go two lower, and all will be made clear.

As to the possibilities as to if its a lite version or time limited, my guess is that it will be time limited in some way, unfortunately. I'm also afraid they may be giving away licenses to the previous release. We'll find out soon though.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.