Free Book!

Found in a listserv..Digital Measurement Book Request form

Audio Precision is currently offering a new book, Measurement Techniques for Digital Audio by Julian Dunn, free for filling out a questionnaire on their website. Among other things, Julian was a digital audio equipment designer for the BBC Designs Department.

Regular selling price is $39.00.

This is excellent reference material for those of us who need to "proof" digital audio systems. The section on jitter theory is said to be really good. Also included is a CD full of Audio Precision Tests and Procedures for those fortunate enough to own AP System One or Two.
I got the book yesterday. Thanks to Audio Precision if someone from there is browsing this forum : )

This is a very interesting book. I managed to read through the Jitter Theory part and found a lot of interesting information. I had no idea that so many methods for measuring jitter are there and how much is already known about jitter. In that light it's quite surprising that there are still so few steps taken by most commercial manufacturers in this respect....

I think part of the reason is because jitter is not required to be included in measurements. Even though a particular DAC might lose 20dB of THD when fed a 1ns RMS jitter signal vs. a 10ps RMS jitter signal, the manufacturer will test under the most favorable conditions only: -100dB THD+N, great!

I think this contributes to why so few people trust numbers in audio; knowing the test setup can be every bit as important as knowing the results.


2001-06-12 10:15 am

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. The book turned up today and looks like a good read.

I didn't realise TTi (Thurlby Thandar) are the distributors for AP equipment in the UK, so thanks to you guys too, if there's anyone reading.