Four UCD400

My current amp is:
+-50V dual linear PSU;
4x4700mkF per rail;
~500W toroid / quad secondaries;
balanced inputs;
input buffer's gain is reduced to ~18db;
PSU voltage drops to ~+-42V @ 4 Oms with 4V RMS input signal (max volume).

I'm planning to add two more UCD400s into this setup for the bi-amping.

1 there won't be any of the crossovers. Is there anything special I should implement for connecting input signals? Just to do the parallel or to add resistors in series?

2 the extra UCD will be loaded by 2 Oms speaker. Hereafter, I'm planning to add an extra filtering capacitors like 2x3300mkF per rail to the new module. Is this OK? Also, I worry that the transformer won't be powerful enough. Would you recommend to upgrade it to more powerful?

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