Four pole (Jenssen) Capacitor question

What happens if you charge a four pole capacitor with a lower voltage on the input than rated? Is the output still the rated voltage?
... if you put 12V on the 2 input poles of a Jensen four-pole, and it's rated 63V - do you get 12V on the output as well then?

Power supply smoothing capacitors do not make the voltage higher or lower. They just smooth it to get rid of noise, ripple, spikes etc.

The capacitors voltage rating is the maximum voltage allowed.
So a capacitor rated 63V can be used for 12V (or 25V or 40V etc) but not e.g. 70V or 100V.

This is important - if too high a voltage is applied to an electrolytic capacitor, it can explode and cause damage or injury.:eek:

Regards - Godfrey