Found new open baffle woofer?


2010-10-26 4:54 pm
Endesly finding alternative ob woofers to well known ones i came to concludion that there realy isn't meny, but atlast i found one which isn't mentioned anywhere!

Actualy they are 2

Hivi f12s
Hivi f10s

Well, what you think about them? :rolleyes:
Like most of the car hifi "free air" woofers they still have this unecessary heavy diaphragm needed for mini boxes, just weaker motors. The only exceptions I know are the Monacor SP-382C SP-302 SP-252C and the Ciare CS 382 S CS 322 S CS 252 S. The 15" Monacor is no longer listed on the website, but still sold, same as the 15" Ciare. The smaller Ciares are marked as out of production.

One might ask the question:
How large is this OB trend, are these people not many, but only loud in forums, when the industry doesn't react on them, or rather in the opposite direction?