fostex project

tried to get a copy of MJ.

weren't any.

there was a copy of a zine called stereo.

had a fairly large box.

so i bought it.

$42US, and some change.


here is whats inside -


a pair of fostex full range , Unassembled Drivers

inside the magazine, are assembly instructions, and several

versions of how to utilize these, from several different people.
Thanks for sharing. Does the text explain how each speaker component (cone material, weight, spider, vc, magnet strength, etc.) affects the sound; ie, ts parameters?

truth be told, i have no idea.

however - 'stereo P650'


Shimai rush there, you enter the work of the unit without SP,
so a higher chance of failure,
lazy middle-aged men who decided to read the magazine.

from here -

Kato-chan's diary


Kato audio, PC and hobbies, the diary of everyday life.

Stereo 2010”N ‚VŒŽ�† •t˜^ FOSTEX P650 ƒXƒs�[ƒJ�[ ƒ†ƒjƒbƒgƒLƒbƒg ‚ɂ‚¢‚Ä ‚»‚Ì‚Q / ‰Á“¡‚¿‚á‚ñ‚Ì“ú‹L

video -

YouTube - stereo 7???fostex p650

YouTube - kyonowankowanko's Channel
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2004-10-20 11:32 pm
That's quite impressive, um, the part about the comparison with the other Fostex 3"ers and t/s specs. The other part/comment in Kato- chan's diary cracks me up.

If its not too much trouble, can you comment on your build of the drivers and the sound quality. Thanks.