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In search of my first DIY fullrange SD speakers I came across these three as the last round candidates. Fostex FF125WK,Fostex FX120 and Marcaudio CHP70. I considered Alpair 7.3 but worried about the metal cone(Zing issue) so unsure at this point.
My purpose of this project is to get a realistic vocal reproduction and planning only a bass reflex system due to various reasons. I am not planning to rock but male vocals need some bass extension to feel full. I have plans to buy a subwoofer anyway.
I considered the Fostex FE103En but has to optout due to low rated Power (I want to avoid an accident from on of my visiting friends turning up the volume on my 40WATTS tube amp).
I hope to hear from you all soon.
Alpair 7.3 wins hands down, with FX120 coming in a close second depending on amp/box/room/listening preferences. A7.3 is also a lot cheaper, gold cones on sale at madisound for half the cost of the FX120, plus they are out of stock. FX120 is more efficient, will take more abuse, and are prettier IMHO, especially when Enabled.

Does the metal cone of Alpair causes a Zig issue?

Define Zing. They do have a distinctive sound compared to paper coned drivers, but are fairly smooth overall. The FX120 tends to be a little more forward thru the midrange, and it's one of the most neutral in the older Fostex line.

What about CHP70 and FF125WA,ANY EXPERIENCE?

Only brief listens. The CHP70 Gen2 rolls off pretty early (7kHz) and you can definitely tell. If you already had tweeters, this might be a cheap way to go.

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Zing I believe is over emphaziz on syllablesto make z sound more pronounced.It is something seen with all metalic cones as stated by a memebr in another forum.As I have no experience with either for comparison I believe that is what he meant.
Jimbro I am not too much worried about Alapir since they have a rated Pe 20Watt.
I am not sure about Alpair 10,have not considered anything with metal cones yet.Only exception was Alpair 7 since I heard no issues whatsoever.
He is talking about Lowther ,field coils and stuff in there,so I guess should have some exposure.He did not say Alpair is bad but just cautioned this might be what I am getting into.
He recommend to get CHP70 to avoid that metalic quality.
I am still looking to hear from someone who has experience with Fostex FF series. In theory and paper it look good.
Bob, he was just mentioning that all metal cones have that property. Obviously when you pay more sometimes you get better products.I started looking for good driver that will accurately reproduce vocals better than my Monitor Audio RS6.Now I am more confused than when I started. I was after FX120 when it sold out. Now deciding between metal and paper is more tough. I know there is no speaker that works for all. But seems like no one want say about vocals and a speaker that will do it without coloration ...:confused:
I don't think you need to spend a great deal of money to get a good paper driver. The 4 inch size is real close to ideal. Bigger drivers don't tweet and smaller drivers don't woof. The 4" Fostex FF105WK is what you should look at and the larger 4.75" Fostex FF125WK is still good depending if you want more bass or more clarity and detail. The 4" discontinued CSS EL70 was also well liked if you can find some. Perhaps they wll come back in an improved version.
I am still looking to hear from someone who has experience with Fostex FF series. In theory and paper it look good.

I heard the full series and I bought the FF125wk. In my opinion, this series sounds a lot better (more musical tonality) than the classic FE-E series. From auditive memory about the FX120, I think that the FF will also sound smoother.

I heard them all in Japan in their official, separately available enclosure. While the bigger ones show a resonance peak in their frequency plots,they do actually sound smooth and non fatigueing.

More specifically
- the 85 was clean and smooth but for my taste only usable in a two way configuration. I need bass in my music.
- the 105 and 125 were pretty close in performance and character. The 125 has predictably a somewhat better bass. I cannot really say that the 105 was significantly better in the higher frequencies despite its smaller size.
- the 165 and 225 were smooth, the 165 may need a tweeter depending on your taste, the 225 definitely needs a tweeter. The 225 is capable of decent bass.

Regarding Markaudio, I have the A12p which is quite phenomenal, of course more expensive than all the above variants. However if you take the time and effort to make the boxes into account, and the fact that the speakers should be giving listening pleasure for a good many years, then the initial extra investment becomes really worth it...
So I guess FF125WK has a good mix of all the above and below in the FF series drivers?Sportclay did you mean to say FF125WK has better clarity and detail with bass?

As you go smaller in size, clarity and detail will generally improve. In this respect, the 4" FF105WK is better than the 4.75" FF125WK and the 3" FF85WK is still better yet. The problem with going smaller is that you loose bass. This is the tradeoff with full range drivers. I personally lean toward clarity and detail. I want to hear everything the recording has to offer which makes the 4" FF105WK the best compromise. Others will feel differently. In the end you will have to make your own choice.
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