Fostex BK108 3'' Horn for Tangband W3-315E recommandation needed

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Concering 3'' Tangband driver: W3-315E, I'm still satisfied with my Cyburg Needles and TABAQ
This Driver in TQWT enclousure design is a nice fullrange solution for lower output level.
But, when listening in my lving room, output level is a bit limited.:rolleyes:
So I wonder if a nice horn enclosure would do better in overall output performance.:eguitar:
I don't want to change my speakers, because I really love the sound characteristics of this nice little Tangband driver
- I only want to optimize the enclosure still going fullrange with no Subwoofer added.

Here are the specs for TB W3-315E

I took notice that Fostex has some interesiting enclosure recommandations on their webpage

Backloaded Horn for Fostex FE108

Modified version of Backloaded Horn / Fostex FE108, called BK108FF

Backloaded Horn for Fostex FF85K

Backloaded Horn for Fostex FE87E

Unfortunately I'm not familar with horn simulations.:(
Anybody of you could give me an advice how these Horn cabinets would fit with Tangband W3-315E
or maybe some better advice for my drivers ?
Hallo Jockel

may be my TROMBONE and the 100mm wide KORNETT
would be a solution, specially by better soundstage as an direct single driver horn,
more SPL by double driver configuration, Bass down 35 Hz, and superb impedanz
better as any single diver horn, look my HP.
With feedback and measurement.


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I have this driver too and think it's swell. But the cabinet you have them in currently may eek most of the performance out of them already. I'm not saying hm's back horn won't improve the sound or not but i wanted to provide additional food for thought and other options to ponder.

If it's bass response and louder volumes you seek, perhaps put the TBs into smaller sealed or ported boxes and build a woofer system to sit them on top of. You can do a powered subwoofer or two and get the bass you desire along with greater power handling on the TBs.

I am not sure of any back horns built specifically for this TB and wonder about the results you may get putting them into cabinets designed for something else.

Another idea would be to work up a BIB for them. This may get you the best possible bass response, assuming you will be putting them into corners, than most other options.

Here's the BIB calculator link:

BIBs create a very large sound stage and envelope the room differently than more simple boxes do. BIBs are a type of back horn that open at the top.

Sorry, Trombone is a bit tooo big enclosure for my taste.

Maybe, I didn't explain my purpose in the right way.
I know, Needle and TABAQ are both good enclosures for the W3-315E concerning overall performance.
What I would like to improve with a horn cabinet is the bass efficency (not the depth in tuning frequency). What disturbs me is the fact that the total volume is not very high with my TQWT enclosures.
A Horn cabinet should be much better choice for total output volume.

I'd really like to get an calculation for one of the Fostex enclosure recommondations.
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