Fostex as center in HT setup?

Tazzy said:
I've been thinking about building 2 center speakers for a while now. Couple of weeks ago I started thinking abou using a fostex fullrange speaker for the center.

After lsearching the web with google I've come to the conclusion that:
It has not done before or it's not on the web.

Any idea's on which driver/enclosure to choose?

I imagine someone out there's done it before; I'd be surprised if they haven't, put it that way.

Here's my take: Use two FE127E drivers. Double the standard BR box and lay it on it's side. Should do the trick. Just make sure the drivers are relatively close together to preserve the centre image.
I'm looking for somethig similar too.

I have a pair of FE208 in OB and intend to add a center and a pair of little surrounds.

The FE127 recommanded BR enclosure is about 10l so a pair of them sums 20l that's a little 'big' for a center.

Also 10l don't make a small surrund.

The little FE83 is suitable for small enclosures, but I think there'll be very little bass, even for a suround.

I like very much the aspect of the KEF Q2ds, a dipolar surround speaker with a little woofer added. Perhaps a similar approach can be done with a pair of FE83 and a small woofer in an enclosure of 3-4 liters.

But it'll be very dificult to make calculations.
Tazzy said:
After lsearching the web with google I've come to the conclusion that:
It has not done before or it's not on the web.

Check on the FR Forum, it has been done....

The FE127 is a good choice. Just use 1 -- that gets you by the horrid sideways MTM concept.

I built a couple sets using RS 40-1197s (aka budget FE103s). They were bipole (to match the 4 other speakers), with magnets back-to-back (to make them shielded). They are quite good.

In my experience it's better to start with the mains and add a center channel later.
Most HT pre-pros have the ability to create a "phantom" center channel, sometimes by just turning off the center channel. If you can sit at or near the "sweet spot" this setting is superior to L-C-R, IMHO. If you have seating that is outside the "sweet spot" the center channel helps bring the dialog back to the center.
Installing a center channel that has far different tonality than the mains is more likely to detract from the experience rather than add to it.
That said, if your plan is to build horns you should be able to use the same driver for the center as the mains by installing the driver in a BR cabinet rather than a horn. Your only loss should be bass response which would be acceptable in most situations. Even if you get close on the driver type it may work. For example; I built a pair of FE207E mains in ML-TL cabs then added a dual FE167E in a BR cab for the center which worked out well. All 4 drivers were similar enough in tonality to work well together.


2009-01-23 4:32 am
And pulling this thread out of the deep dark depths- I have a question!

I have two FE87E drivers lying around that I was considering using for a pair of read surrounds. However, I think I've decided that a centre channel is somewhat more necessary for dialogue in a HT setup.

Would it be appropriate to use these two drivers in a sealed (or BR) enclosure as a centre channel? Or would it be more worthwhile to purchase the suggestion 207 and continue with the original plan of using the FE87Es as surrounds?

Although, perhaps it would be worthwhile to use the 87s in the centre and go for something capable of a bit more bass for the surrounds.