fostes fe206e


Have you seen this design? I have not built this myself (yet) but I most likely will. Very easy construction and no fancy damping to deal with. Best regards Moray James.

Simplicity, easy to built and very good balanced in combination with drivers having a Qts between 0.3 and 0.6 from which you can choose. If you like your FE206E's in a reflex then you will love them in the SINGULAR for its more efficient loading over a wider range. If you like your Lowther driver in a reflex then you will love them in the SINGULAR even more...

The basic design for this system was initiated by Onur Ilkorur for his own AERmkI drive units, providing a pretty efficient loading over a wide range. The system is not a Bass Reflex which is only efficient for half an octave, it is not a Transmission line with the need of much damping material to dampen all resonances, it is not a TQWP or ML-TQWP but it is a combination of all these systems resulting in a wide-band resonator effective from 40Hz up to 250Hz.

The system is tuned for maximum efficiency using as less damping material as possible, no hornyness or honkyness coming from these using only the few 30mm thick sheets of BAF as shown in the drawings. The only thing you have to find is a good place for them in your room, for more body and bass simply place them closer to the back wall or even in the corner (lowest Q drivers), if there is too much bass or "boom" then simply pull them out of the corner or move them further away from the back wall until you have found your optimal balance.

Below you will find the drawings for our SINGULAR DIY system. Thanks to Dave Johnson (who made these). Click on the link below to download the detailed drawings:

The best material to be used for this system is 18-19mm Birch Ply, as always with full-range drivers, this material gives the most natural tone. The few 30mm thick sheets of BAF should be placed as shown in the drawings.